About The Team

Sonata Gillmeister is a horse enthusiast. She enjoys her time with Sahara, her fiesty Anglo-Arabian Mare. She has previously attended Vancouver Community College and took their Baking and Patisiree course. With efficiency and creativity being an essential part of the job she has focused those qualities towards creating equine products. Her favorite part about creating her products is seeing her clients reactions when the jumps are completed.

​John was raised in the praries of Winnipeg while growing up he gained valuble knowledge of  farming, carpentry, and agriculture.. He found himself enjoying the challenges that came with different situations and thus decided that he would join up with Sonata Gillmeister to design and build Clear Round. He has the skills and experience and was ready for a new ride down life road. John enjoys the challenges with custom orders and pride himself on the durability, style, and quality of his work. John Stahl is an essential asset to our team.

Raised in and around animals and the show world growing up, Melody brings an acute sense of experience and creativity to the team. As a perfectionist, she brings her innovative and unique ideas to the table. While not currently completing she still loves watching and being at show events. Currently she enjoys time with her two mares for pleasure use and is often hitting the trail.. Melody is a very valueble asset to the team and can often be seen at pop-up shops, greeting clients for orders, as well as Trade Shows.