Our Process


We support our local hardware stores by purchasing as much lumber and hardware as we can from them. Our poles are purchased from the interior using a doweled technique. 
We first sand all our wood to ensure (as much as possible) a smooth finish.
We fill any cracks with wood fill or DAP depending on the gap.
We then prime all our wood pieces in either white or grey, depending on the over lay coat.
We apply 2 layers of paint on low contact areas but 3 layers on high contact areas, such as the center of a pole/plank. Our paint is purchased from Sherwin Williams and is a quality exterior paint.
We purchase vinyl post caps for the tops of our jumps to prevent additional water soaking into our wood.
We prefer to use a keyhole track system to prevent additional holes where condensation and water can compromise the wood quality.
We DAP the base of the standards to give a water resistant smooth finish.


Communication is very important to us at Clear Round. Since we are a home based business we have the flexibility to connect with our clients over text message, phone calls, facebook, or e-mail. We do not have set hours to contact us but construction on orders will be primarily done during the work week unless otherwise specified. 
We like to offer our clients a variety of colors so that they can have customized color choices. For this to be an option we usually require 2-4 weeks for all orders to be completed. If you are in a rush and  need an order quickly just shoot us a message as we may have something on hand!